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Qi wireless phone charging rolling out in Japan

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Japanese carrier Docomo has installed 60 wireless phone charging stations across Japan, with 66 more coming by the end of the year. The stations use Qi technology, and will work with a selection of recent Docomo phones from various manufacturers.

docomo wireless charging
docomo wireless charging

Over the past few months, dominant Japanese carrier NTT Docomo has been releasing phones with Qi (pronounced "chi") wireless charging technology, from manufacturers like Sharp and Fujitsu. Now, 60 charging stations have been put in place in the first phase of Docomo's "Okudake Juuden" ("just place and charge") campaign, with plans to expand the number of locations to 126 by the end of the year. Qi charging stations are meant to be found in places such as hotels, fast food restaurants and convenience stores, though we're yet to notice any around Osaka or Kyoto — we'll let you know if we do, but it'll probably be a while before this achieves anything like mass penetration.