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Sony to start shipping NEX-7 this month, manufacturing recovering after Thai floods

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Sony announced today that after a long delay because of flooding in Thailand, the NEX-7 will start to ship to pre-order customers before the end of the year.

Sony NEX-7
Sony NEX-7

Sony Japan announced today that after severe floods in Thailand crippled its production, the NEX-7 will begin shipping to a lucky few pre-order customers before the end of the year. That's a month earlier than Sony had originally stated, a good sign that Sony's manufacturing is finally getting back to normal. Production is still severely limited, though, so If you've been thinking about splurging for the $1,349 mirrorless shooter, now's a good time to reserve your spot in line. Here's Sony's official statement:

"Sony USA is happy to announce that limited quantities of the new NEX-7 camera will begin shipping to pre-order customers this month. Overall production capacity remains restrained as a result of the recent floods in Thailand, but we’ve made significant progress recovering our manufacturing capabilities and supply chain. We’re continuing to aggressively pursue all efforts to restore full production capability of the NEX-7 and other affected models."