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Panasonic GH2 firmware upgrade adds high-bitrate video and other tweaks

Panasonic has just released a firmware update for its popular Lumix DMC-GH2 micro four-thirds camera, bringing high bit rate video and support for the new range of power zoom lenses, amongst other features.

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Panasonic's popular Lumix DMC-GH2 micro four-thirds camera has just been gifted with a number of new features in a firmware update to version 1.1. While none of the additions are quite as audacious as the AVCHD codec hack we saw a couple of months ago, there are some fairly significant tweaks we're sure owners will be grateful for. The biggest change is a new high bit rate video mode, bringing 1080p, 25fps, 24-bit video recording to the camera. There's also better support for Panasonic's power zoom lenses, faster bracket shooting to make your HDR shots crisper, improved sensor noise reduction at high ISOs, and the ability to turn the touchscreen off should you need to. There are also a couple of improvements to the autofocus system, with better performance while filming and the ability to have the AF area take up all of the screen.

Beyond the improved video capture quality, none of these features is a major step, but they could make a big difference to the everyday user. The firmware's available to download now.