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inPulse is now a smartwatch with an app store

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The Allerta inPulse smartwatch has gained an app store, a larger face, and a new color option.

Inpulse Smartwatch
Inpulse Smartwatch

The original Allerta inPulse smartwatch opened up support for apps in February, so it was only a matter of time before the device gained an app store. Aside from a Presenter app that allows you to control PowerPoint presentations, different watch faces, and a few games, the selection is pretty scarce, but it shouldn't take long for pre-existing apps (like Doom or Facebook Check-Ins) to arrive. The functionality comes alongside the release of the newest version, which is largely unchanged aside from a heftier construction and a new Stealth Black color option. It's compatible with the Nexus devices, all Motorola Android phones, any Blackberry running OS 5 through OS 7, and any Android device running CyanogenMod. The inPulse smartwatch is now available online starting at $149.