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Apple TV gets purchased show streaming in UK, Canada, Australia (update: pulled?)

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Apple TV owners in the UK, Canada, and Australia are reportedly joining US users with the ability to stream iTunes-purchased television programs.

Apple TV Show Notifications
Apple TV Show Notifications

Apple has enabled the streaming of iTunes-purchased television shows to the second-generation Apple TV in the UK, Australia, and Canada, according to PaidContent. When the second-generation device launched last year, it featured 99-cent streaming TV show rentals, but few content providers jumped on board and Cupertino cancelled the option altogether this past August. Taking its place was the ability to stream any purchased program to the Apple TV, but the option had been US-only until now. There's been no official statement from Apple, nor do there appear to be any changes in pricing structure or availability in the respective countries. While this may not be the big Apple TV news that some are expecting, it's nevertheless a welcome feature addition for three large markets.

Update: Well that didn't last long. We've received word that the new TV menu has vanished for some Canadian users, and similar complaints are showing up in Apple's support forums from those in the UK. We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Thanks, Nathan!