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Android Market stats: South Korea uses most apps, games most popular category

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Google has released an infographic detailing statistics about the Android Market's march to ten billion downloads, a mark it achieved this month.

Android Market infographic segment
Android Market infographic segment

Google is feting the download of its 10 billionth app from the Android Market with a series of 10-cent sales for the next several days. That's not all it's doing, though — the company has just released an infographic with a bunch of offbeat statistics about the Market and it's users. Some of the highlights:

  • Sunday at 9PM is the most download-friendly time of the week; Monday at 4AM is the least.
  • South Korean residents download the most apps per capita, followed by Hong Kong and Taiwan. The US comes in fourth place.
  • Games are by far the most popular app category, representing some 25.6 percent of downloads overall.
  • 12 billion miles are navigated in Google Maps each year (and presumably, that number grows significantly with each passing year).
  • Adele has been identified using Shazam 1,789,955 times. And counting.

And it turns out that the 10 billionth app downloaded was — drum roll, please — Photobucket Mobile. Any guesses how long it takes to get to 20 billion?