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Boingo to give Nintendo 3DS free Wi-Fi access at select airports

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Boing is joining Nintendo's 3DS Wi-Fi hotspot providers, adding access in 42 airports in North America.

Boingo 3DS
Boingo 3DS

Nintendo already offers Wi-Fi hotspot access to 3DS users through partners like AT&T, and now Boingo — which normally only offers paid access — is joining the fun for free. Don't get too excited, though; it appears Boingo access is limited to 42 airports within North America, but it should still help with that layover downtime during the holiday travel season.

The hotspots work through Nintendo's SpotPass, which can connect automatically and download special game content or 3D videos even when the handheld is in sleep mode. Of course, you can also use them in the traditional manner by turning on your 3DS to play games online. You should be able to connect to participating Boingo networks after the next Nintendo 3DS system update coming December 8th, and you can find all the free access points using Nintendo's "Hotspot Locator."