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Good Deal: Save on Optimus Maximus, other Art Lebedev toys at Fab

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You can save over $300 on the Optimus Maximus keyboard and find other discounted items from Art Lebedev's design studio today on

Good Deal: Optimus Keyboard
Good Deal: Optimus Keyboard

Art Lebedev is best known for his crazy expensive Optimus Maximus keyboard, but today you can save on that and some of his other whimsical other creations courtesy of a sale at The sale knocks $300 off the going price of the Rolls Royce of input devices, but at $1,758, it's still probably more expensive than your actual computer. If you're not looking to splurge in as big of a way, there are more modest savings to be had on items like the "Folderix" flash drive, "Atmark" coffee mug, and cleverly-titled "Ctrl +O" bottle opener. Of course, this being Art Lebedev, there are a few other items in the mix — but check them out for yourselves. We won't spoil your fun.