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Sony: PlayStation Vita ties PSN accounts to memory cards, not the system

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Sony has clarified an earlier statement about the PS Vita being limited to one PSN account, stating that users can switch IDs by changing memory cards.


Earlier this week, Sony rep Brad Douglas tweeted that the PlayStation Vita would require a factory reset to switch between different PSN accounts, but it turns out that's not quite the case. PSN IDs are tied to the Vita's proprietary memory cards and not the portable console itself, which means that users can access multiple accounts on the same system by swapping cards. However, a format is required to change the ID on a memory card.

While the situation isn't quite as bad as we once thought, it does mean families (or friends) who want to share a Vita will have to purchase multiple memory cards, and of course those won't come cheap — the lowest priced model is reportedly $29.99.