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Visual voicemail app YouMail pulled from Android Market at T-Mobile's request

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A visual voicemail app name YouMail has been pulled from the Android Market following a complaint from T-Mobile that the app caused "adverse network disruption."

YouMail Permissions Android
YouMail Permissions Android

The developers of a popular visual voicemail app for Android called YouMail had an unpleasant surprise today when they found their app had been removed from the Android Market. According to an email they received from Google (reproduced below), the app was removed following a complaint from T-Mobile claiming that the app was "causing adverse network disruption." The developers have voiced their unhappiness with the move in their blog, saying that they were never contacted by T-Mobile, haven't received complaints from any other carriers, and that many other apps use the same network features but haven't been blocked. Unfortunately for users, the app disappeared for everybody — not just T-Mobile customers. If you need the app right now, you can still get it from the Amazon Appstore, and the developer has posted a download link to a beta version at their site.