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ViewSonic is building ExoPC's 32-inch EXODesk for CES

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ExoPC's EXODesk will be on display at ViewSonic's booth at CES


Little by little, ExoPC's been releasing details of its EXODesk — its 10-point touch table top which runs its own software UI and HTML5 apps. And today it's spilling a pretty big one: ViewSonic is building the EXODesk that will be on display at CES next month. While ExoPC's Jean-Baptiste Martinoli wouldn't disclose any further details on the startup's relationship with ViewSonic, he did tell us that the companies are working together and ViewSonic is looking to gauge its customer's interest in the EXODesk (we're assuming that's retailers, etc.). ViewSonic also confirmed for us that it is looking "forward to a long and profitable partnership with ExoPC."

Unlike the 40-inch EXODesk which was demoed in the video below, the version ViewSonic is building will have a 1920 x 1080 32-inch display. It will be powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, Intel's integrated graphics, and will run Windows 7 with that aforementioned ExoPC UI and software. ViewSonic will also be demoing some tablets with ExoPC's UI 2.0 at its booth. So, will we be seeing a $1,299 ViewSonic EXOdesk sometime next year? We don't have that answer, but we will finally have some impressions and video of this thing from Vegas next month.