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Tokyoflash Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch goes back and forth in time

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Tokyoflash's newest creation is the Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch, combining the Japanese watchmaker's usual non-traditional, futuristic display with a retro-styled pocket watch body. It goes for $169, with a $20 discount for the first 48 hours.

tokyoflash kisai touch pocket watch
tokyoflash kisai touch pocket watch

Tokyoflash is looking to the past for its newest futuristic timepiece. The Kisai Rogue Touch combines the watchmaker's usual blend of LED lights and near-incomprehensible display with a touchscreen encased in the styling of a classic pocket watch. Adding to the retro feel is the way that Tokyoflash has deigned to use the outdated concept of a "dial" for displaying the time (see the key below). This means that it should be a little easier to read than previous models — for those stuck in the Victorian period, that is. The watch normally costs a steep $169, but Tokyoflash has a launch discount of $20. As of this writing the discount is good for another 36 hours, so whether you dig it for its display from the future or body from the past, now's the time.


(Photo credit: Flickr)