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Google+ adding facial recognition, deeper integration with Gmail

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Google is rolling out an opt-in face detection feature in Google+ over the next few days, along with several new features that tighten integration between Google+ and Gmail.


On top of updating its iOS and Android apps this week, Google is also rolling out a couple of new features that expand Google+’s functionality and deepen its integration with the company’s other apps. The big one here is face detection — once you activate it in Google+’s settings, you’ll be notified whenever someone uploads a photo that has you in it, and given the choice to tag yourself. Facebook introduced a similar feature earlier this year, but unlike Tag Suggestions, Google+'s Find My Face is turned off by default.

Google's also bringing Google+ and Gmail closer by allowing you to filter messages by Google+ circle, add contacts to your circles and share photos with them, and see the last post someone shared with you, all within Gmail. Also, whatever profile information your friends have shared with you will be added to their contact information (both in Gmail and the standalone contacts app), making it easier to access things like their friends' phone numbers and mailing addresses. The new features are rolling out gradually, so if you don’t have them right now, just wait for a while.