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Renault R-Link 'tablet' for cars coming in late 2012

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Renault is building a 7-inch touchscreen tablet specifically for its 2012 cars. It will launch with an unknown OS and more than 50 apps with more to come from developers the company is still trying to find.

Renault, R-Link
Renault, R-Link

Tablets may have been hacked into cars before, but we've never seen a major auto manufacturer design one specifically for automobile use — Renault claims to be doing just that with its R-Link, though we can't find any evidence of it being removable. The 7-inch touchscreen device can also be controlled by voice or from steering wheel controls and connects to your smartphone and the cloud simultaneously. Renault doesn't say what OS the R-Link will run, but the car maker is setting up an app store that's supposed to have more than 50 apps available at launch with more to come in the future. Besides the obligatory navigation and media programs, there'll be a "Community-led Parking" app that crowd-sources information to predict when a nearby spot will open up within a three minute window. Renault's tablet should be available as an option for "all forthcoming Renault models," starting with the Zoe and Clio towards the end of 2012.