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Good Deal: Sony Reader Wi-Fi on sale for $99, or $49 with trade-in

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Sony's Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 is on sale for $99 until December 24th, and you can trade in any e-reader for an additional $50 off the cost.

Sony Reader Wi-Fi Good Deal
Sony Reader Wi-Fi Good Deal

Sony doesn't usually compete on price in the e-reader space, but the company's making an exception this year -- until December 24th, you can pick up a Sony Reader Wi-Fi for just $99. The Android-based touchscreen e-reader originally cost $149, and got a price drop to $129.99 just days ago. At $99, it's finally going head to head with the Kindle Touch and Nook Simple Touch this Christmas. What makes it a true deal, though, is the trade-in program Sony's offering right now. Give Sony any old e-reader, and you can take another $50 off the price. That's $49 for a handheld e-ink device with Android hacking potential. Now we're talking.