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Asus preparing swivel-screen ultrabook for September Windows 8 launch, says DigiTimes

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Asus is rumored to be launching a swivel-screen ultrabook at Computer in June to accompany the Windows 8 rollout in September.

Asus Windows 8 mockup
Asus Windows 8 mockup

Asus is planning to launch an ultrabook that swivels into tablet position with the launch of Windows 8, according to DigiTimes. The Ivy Bridge transformer will make its debut in early June at Computex 2012 in Taipei before launching alongside the release of Windows 8 in September, says the Taiwanese rumor site citing industry sources.

Asus is no stranger to the convertible laptop design having released the Eee PC T91 back in 2009 and the Eee PC T101MT (pictured above) in 2010. It also seems like the ideal design to accompany Microsoft's no-compromise OS that offers a traditional Windows desktop in laptop mode or Metro-style layout when coverted into a tablet.