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Spotify Radio experience overhauled in move to new app platform

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Spotify's Artist Radio feature has been updated with a new interface and designated as an app. Functionality is much the same as before, allowing users to skip from artist to related artist an unlimited number of times.

spotify artist radio
spotify artist radio

Spotify recently opened its doors to third party applications on its platform, and now it's following its own lead by relaunching the Radio feature under the app umbrella. While there's little change in functionality, the interface has gained a Cover Flow-style makeover and easier drag-and-drop station creation. Radio also features what Spotify is calling an "all-new intelligent recommendation engine," though as far as we can tell the engine is working in a similar way to before, letting users skip from artist to related artist an unlimited number of times. Radio only recommends similar artists one step ahead, so we were taken from Portuguese Afro-techno outfit Buraka Som Sistema to moody blues-rock troubadour Ben Harper in only six steps. The app will roll out in the next few days, with a preview version available now — let's just hope your party guests are cool with gradually shifting tempos and adverts every few tracks for non-premium users.