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Hanashicom speakerphone pillow lets you chat late into the night in comfort

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Willcom is giving away a Hanashicom speakerphone pillow in conjunction with its new unlimited talk flat-rate plan.

Willcom Pillow Phone
Willcom Pillow Phone

Japanese carrier Willcom has a new phone accessory called the Hanashicom pillow that could be a fun way to talk to your loved ones into the late hours of the night. The operator is giving away the headset to promote its new unlimited talk flat-rate plan — previously customers had to pay extra to call numbers outside of its short range Personal Handy-phone System (PHS) network, but now those calls are included. The star-shaped Hanashicom has a built-in microphone and speakers, and is compatible with both PHS and regular cell phones. We're sure it's tempting to doze off while on the phone with your better half, but try to avoid it — or you're sure to hear about it in the morning.