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Evernote releases new Food and Hello apps for iPhone

Evernote releases new Food and Hello apps for iPhone


Evernote has released two new iPhone applications, Hello and Food — both of which seem aimed at an almost non-existent niche.

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Evernote has released a couple of new applications for iOS, and both of them have left us more than a little confused. First up is Evernote Food, a dedicated app for remembering what you ate and where. The app sorts your life into meals, allowing you to add notes, quotes, and photos of people eating or your food into each. The app will also allow you to tag your location, giving you a map to easily remember the place you went to for your last birthday. All of your meals can be shared via your favorite social network, letting everyone know just what you thought of your dining experience. Evernote also suggests that it could be used as a food diary, but with no built-in calorie information or calculator, there are much better apps in the App Store to achieve this.

Second out of the stable is Evernote Hello — an app designed to keep track of everyone you meet. Whenever you encounter somebody new, you hand your phone to them, get them to make a profile within Hello, and then include a photo. When you next have a meeting with them, you tell Hello and it will keep track of each place you've been together. The app can also link to your calendars so that Hello can keep up automatically. Unfortunately, there's no NFC support, integration with social networks, or even a business card reader, meaning that each addition has to be done entirely manually. As with the Food application, there must be better solutions. If you feel like giving either a try you can grab Evernote Food and Hello for free direct from the App Store.