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'Once Upon' redesigns Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ for Netscape Navigator 4.03

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The 'Once Upon' art project reimagines Google+, Facebook, and YouTube as they would have been in 1997, complete with borders, dancing babies, and 8 kB/s download speeds.

once upon
once upon

The 'Once Upon' art project from Internet artists Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied imagines YouTube, Facebook, and Google+ as they would have been in 1997, complete with tables, HTML frames, custom usernames, tiny animated GIFs, and a dearth of typographic choices. Once Upon evokes an era when we were given the option to browse sites as guests and when viewing video online was still an extremely slow novelty. The sites will only let you download at dial-up speeds of 8 KB/s, and they're "best viewed" on a Windows 95 computer with a CRT monitor or virtual machine.