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Verizon Droid Xyboards available online today and in stores on December 12th

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Droid Xyboard
Droid Xyboard

It's not the Galaxy Nexus availability announcement you've been hoping for, but Verizon is announcing that those new 8.2 and 10.1 Motorola Droid Xyboards will be available starting today on its website and Monday in brick and mortar stores. Of course, the big question is if anyone out there is really willing to plop down the cash: to recap, the 16GB 10.1 Xyboard is set at $529.99 and the 8.2 at $429.99. Both of those prices require you to sign a two-year contract, meaning you'll be committing to spend at least $30 a month for the next 24 months for LTE data. Verizon did confirm for us that it will be selling the tablets off contract: the 8.2 will go for $599.99 off-contract and the 16GB 10.1 for $699.99. It's, of course, more cash up front, but you'll be able to decide on if you need the data every month. We're hoping to review the set of LTE-equipped tablets soon, but if you've just been waiting and waiting on a fresh Motorola Android tablet you can buy it right now at the link below.