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Asus Padfone, Eee Pad MeMO 3D, UX Series, and Eee PC X101announced at Computex

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We warned you that ASUS was planning to unveil a bunch of shiny new products in Taipei this week and we really weren't joking around. Asus Chairman Jonney Shih took the stage last night with a wide array of new gadgets -- we're talking everything from a crazy phone that lives inside a tablet to a new all-in-one. Naturally, we're a bit more interested in the mobile stuff, which includes that aforementioned Padfone, a new line of MacBook Air-like laptops, a MeeGo Eee PC, and a 3D version of the MeMo tablet. We told you there was a ton of stuff here — hit the break for a look at what's coming.

Asus Padfone

Asus didn't reveal too many details on this device, but the pictures are worth a thousand words. Yes, as its name reveals this one is a pad and phone (or fone). No real details on specs were given in the press release, but according to Engadget, the 10.1-inch tablet doesn't actually have any of the powerful parts -- it merely functions as a display with speakers. It's the 4.3-inch phone, which slips into its back, that gives the tablet its brains and ability to power on. Although, like the Transformer, the tablet part houses an extended battery that can charge up the phone. Asus didn't officially comment on timing, but a rep on hand at the show said that it should be available around Christmas and hinted that it would run Google's Ice Cream Sandwich. Hey, what better device to represent the merging of Google's phone and tablet operating systems? We're all out of details at the moment, but let's hope Asus starts partnering with US carriers as soon as possible so we at least have a shot at this coming stateside.

Asus Eee Pad MeMO 3D

When Asus showed off its 7-inch MeMO tablet at CES we know what you were thinking: man, I wish that thing had a 3D panel! Okay, that probably didn't happen but for those of you who just eat up these three-dee tablets, Asus now has another one for you to choose from. The company's third Android Honeycomb tablet still has a stylus and that optional MeMic phone but now also has a glasses-free 3D, IPS display. That's really all we know about this thing, but we will try to dig up some more on US availability and specs.

Asus UX Series laptops

As you can see from the picture, Asus has absolutely no problem copying that other incredibly thin laptop out there. But whether Asus will beat Apple to market with Sandy Bridge is the real question here. The .66-inch thick UX Series, which seems like it will be a range of different sized ultraportables, is made of aluminum alloy and is powered by Sandy Bridge Core 2011 processors, including an i7 option. The Windows 7 system clearly doesn't have a large array of ports, but it will be available with a range of SSDs, which "resumes the notebook in seconds." Hmm, where have we heard that before? Seven hours of battery life promised.

Asus Eee PC X101

Intel has been saying we'd start to see commercially available MeeGo netbooks / tablets soon and the Eee PC X101 looks like it will be the first. The guys at TweakTown got a hands-on look at the netbook, and the OS looks a lot like the version of MeeGo for netbooks that Chipzilla's been showing off for the last couple of months. You've got a widget based homescreen with Twitter and Facebook feeds and some apps along the top. Hardware-wise it looks like one of the nicer 10.1-inch Eee PCs Asus has put out — it's just .69-inches thick and weighs less than 2.09 pounds. It's powered by an Intel Atom N435 processor. Asus will also have an X101H model that packs a hybrid hard drive with both Windows 7 and MeeGo. Like the others, there are no pricing details here, but let's hope that Asus's return to Linux will result in some saved dollars.

Update: Engadget reports that the X101 will go for $200.