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Nokia's Elop unveils 'Sea Ray,' its first Windows Phone — shh, don't tell anyone (video)

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"So now i'm gonna just ask everyone to put away your cameras and turn off all recording devices. I'm serious." It's hard to tell from the video if Stephen Elop is being serious here or giving a huge wink and a nudge (every single possible sign points to the latter), but in either case, the Nokia CEO followed up that disclaimer by showing to a crowded room the company's first-ever Windows Phone. Codenamed Sea Ray — which, we presume, is the boat you land in after jumping from a burning platform — it's more or less the spitting image of Espoo's MeeGo-infused N9 (which is now curled up in the corner of its room feeling very unloved). There's a Gorilla Glass screen, pillow-shaped backing, a dedicated camera shutter button, and of course Windows Phone Mango. Not much else is known about the device, but if you want to see it for yourself, more pictures and the full 21-minute presentation (care of and suspiciously well-produced) is after the break. And heed our advice: you really only need to watch the first few minutes.

[Via Engadget]

Update: Here's a YouTube embed that should run a lot smoother (via wpcentral)