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Apple makes Mac OS X Lion available in the Mac App Store for $29.99

Apple makes Mac OS X Lion available in the Mac App Store for $29.99

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Apple announced yesterday during its Q3 earnings report that OS X Lion would arrive this morning, and here it is. Available right now in the Mac App Store for $29.99, the new version of OS X (which was announced last October) brings with it the new Launchpad, a very iOS-style app launcher, and makes use of full-screen apps which you can switch to via a three finger swipe from your full desktop.

For the uninitiated, Lion brings plenty of changes that will come as a surprise even to the most dedicated Mac user, many of them due to the aforementioned iOS-ification of OS X. Lion manages system resources much as the iPhone does, killing and freezing apps, and doing away with those little blue light indicators in the Dock (though you can turn them back on if you're old school). A ton of new gestures have also been baked into the OS, including three-finger swipes all over the place, and four-finger pinch in. Pinch to zoom is also built into Safari just as it is in mobile Safari.

What else is on offer in Lion? Well, Versions and Auto Save, which will make document editing in real time a much happier, less tragedy-prone affair, and AirDrop, which facilitates fast file transfers between Macs on WiFi. There are a ton of other changes all over the place -- far too much to go into here -- but we'll have a full review for you in no time, so don't worry! Like we said, you can download Lion in the Mac App Store right now, and it will also be available on a USB drive in August for $69. Check out our Mac OS X Lion gallery preview from WWDC after the break.