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Sony PSP E-1000 lacks Wi-Fi, coming this fall for €99 only to Europe

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Sony didn't announce a new launch date for the PlayStation Vita — which got pushed back to early 2012 — but today at its Gamescom press conference, the company did reveal a new "value priced" PSP for launch this fall. The Sony PSP E-1000 will be available across all PAL regions for €99 — a Sony representative told us explicitly it's not coming to the US. It's got the same charcoal black matte finish as the slim PlayStation 3 and one very notable twist on the PSP design — no Wi-Fi. PlayStation Store titles are playable but will have to be downloaded via Sony's desktop-based Media Go software. We'll admit, the matte looks nice, but no wireless connectivity? Seems a very bizarre cost-cutting move. More pictures after the break.

Source: PlayStation blog