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Canon Powershot SX150 IS, ELPH 510 HS, and ELPH 310 HS announced

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Canon's new trio of point-and-shoots includes HD recording and image stabilization.

Canon's ELPH 510HS.
Canon's ELPH 510HS.

It's a big expansion day for Canon's point-and-shoot Powershot family. And not only is it introducing three new pocketable cams for under $350, but one of them -- the ELPH 510 HS -- claims to be the "world's thinnest digital camera with 12x optical zoom." Hit the break for the specifics on the trio.

Canon PowerShot SX150 IS (September, $250) - It's not the best looking kit on the block but of the three new cams it's actually got the specs and control to appease more advanced photogs. Packing a 12x optical zoom and 28mm lens, the 14.1-megapixel SX150 is only capable of capturing 720p video, however it does have manual-shooting options, including aperture priority and shutter priority. 

PowerShot ELPH 510 HS (October, $350) - Don't let its thin exterior fool you! Despite its claim to be the world's thinnest digital camera with 12x optical zoom and a 28mm wide-angle lens, the 510 captures 1080p video and its 3.2-inch touchscreen has a touch-to-focus feature. We're currently digging up the exact measurements of the 510 to confirm Canon's thin claim -- stay tuned. 

PowerShot ELPH 310 HS (October, $260) - Last but not least is the 510's little brother. It's not as thin or as juicy on the specs -- with a 8x optical zoom and smaller 3-inch display -- yet it is still able to capture 1080p footage. Oh, and it comes in five colors! 

Full press release and images below.