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Evernote for iPad adds rich text editing, Lion gets full screen mode

Evernote updates bring a much-needed design refresh to iOS and OS X Lion.

evernote for ipad
evernote for ipad

Evernote recently pushed out big updates to its Mac and iOS note-taking apps, which have long been marked by disparate designs on each device. Mobile apps received support for rich text formatting, in-note searches, shared notebooks, and slideshows, but most noticeable is the across-the-board design refresh. This round of updates goes a long way towards making the apps look like they're at least made by the same company. 

Rich text editing in the Evernote 4.1 iOS app is pretty straightforward; tap the 'A' icon to add headers, lists, URLs, and highlights. iOS users also finally get the much-needed ability to pinch to zoom images embedded in notes, but Lion users still have to export images out of the app to analyze details. Tapping an image on the mobile app brings up the slideshow viewer for swiping left and right between pictures. Note: this works only for images within a note; you won't be able to swipe between an entire notebook's worth of images. 

Aside from a new set of monochrome icons, the Lion app introduces a full screen mode for browsing your notes in a grid. In general, all the apps feel more responsive, but we noticed a couple graphical glitches—think broken CRT monitor—when switching to full screen and in thumbnails when browsing between notebooks. Hopping between notebooks and resizing thumbnails tended to help; it's not a deal-breaker for upgrading, but needs to be fixed.

Grab the free updates on the App Store.

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Via: Wired