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Samsung Series 7 3D laptop hits the UK for £1,499

The Series 7 twists high-end specs with stereoscopic 3D.

Samsung Series 7 3D
Samsung Series 7 3D


Samsung's been aggressively plowing into the ultraportable and thin-and-light space, but don't think it isn't still thinking of the gamers and the desktop replacement types among us. The company's 17.3-inch Series 7 has popped up in the UK, and as you'd expect, it's a monster of a system. The powerhouse packs a Intel Core i7 processor (no specific model number to denote if it is quad-core), AMD Radeon HD (again, model numbers unspecified), and 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM. That's some serious power and coming along for the ride are a pair of active shutter glasses. We don't have specific details on the 3D tech, but we're betting there's a good chance it's using AMD's HD3D technology. As the headline states, it all rings up at £1,499 in the UK — we will be keeping an ear to the ground on the detailed specs and US availability / pricing.