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Nintendo Conference fuels 3DS speculation

Nintendo's hosting a 3DS conference on September 13th fueling speculation of new game announcements.

Nintendo 3DS Conference
Nintendo 3DS Conference

Speculation's running rife following the announcement of a Nintendo Conference trade show on September 13th in Tokyo. Nintendo stock closed 8.4 percent higher in Japan with the expectation that the company would use the 3DS-focused show to announce new game titles to analysts, investors, journalists, and industry professionals -- the show is not open to consumers.

As you'll recall, Nintendo cut the price of the 3DS on August 11th in Japan (and August 12th in US) resulting in the strongest weekly sales since the handheld's February launch. New games are seen as a means to further boost sales of Nintendo's struggling handheld console. Nintendo previously announced a number of 3DS titles including the September 9th launch of Star Fox 64 3D for the 3DS, followed by Super Mario 3D Land in November, Mario Kart 7 in December and Kid Icarus: Uprising sometime during the holiday season.