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Samsung Impulse 4G could be AT&T's first LTE phone, BGR reports

The Samsung Impulse 4G could become the first phone to run on AT&T's next-generation network

Rumored Samsung Impulse 4G
Rumored Samsung Impulse 4G

Could the "Impulse 4G" be AT&T's first LTE-equipped handset? BGR is reporting today that Samsung may be on tap to produce it as part of the network's next-generation hardware push. Details are slim apart from the inclusion of LTE and a couple rendered pictures — and as BGR points out, the Impulse 4G bears a familial resemblance to Verizon's Droid Charge (also a Samsung device), so AT&T may be looking to get hardware to market as quickly as possible with minimum changes to hardware for the first-generation units. The carrier's high-speed LTE network is getting ready to launch in a handful of markets in the coming months, but it has yet to announce any LTE phone plans — just a couple USB modems and a mobile hotspot so far — so it'd make sense for companies like Samsung to be prepping devices for launch in the near term.

Source: BGR