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Major PlayStation Home revamp coming fall 2011

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A near-complete overhaul of the landscape. One central Hub, four thematic districts (Action, Adventure, Sportswalk, and Piers Park), and a questing system that "literally transforms Home itself into a game."

PlayStation Home 2011 Hub
PlayStation Home 2011 Hub

PlayStation Home has redecorated before, but the upcoming architectural adjustments more or less upheaves everything that’s been in place from its December 2008 launch onward. According to Home Director Jack Buser via the official PlayStation blog, the Central Plaza will be bulldozed in favor of a main Hub and four distinct districts — Action, Adventure, Sportswalk, and Piers Park — each with their own aesthetic vibe (Action District, for example, is a bleaker, more urban destination). There will be other goodies, too, like "major league sports cores" updated live at Sportswalk — assuming you won’t already be busy watching via the PS3′s NFL Ticket, that is. The in-Home games will expand, as well, and an Activity Board will provide a "questing system… [that] literally transforms Home itself into a game" — more or less what it probably should’ve done to begin with.

More details are to follow closer to its fall launch. There will be no tweaks to the personal space at this point. A separate update to the core client has been promised to "provide a streamlined initial user experience." Sony isn’t touting the number of active users, but it is boasting an average of 70 minutes per Home session and 23 million people who have signed on at least once to give it a shot (for perspective, the console has sold 51.8 million units as of its last fiscal quarter).

Source: PlayStation blog, PR Newswire