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Sony Tablet S: official name of the S1

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Sony Tablet S appears to be the official name of the 9.4-inch S1 Android tablet.

Sony Tablet S
Sony Tablet S

No thanks to Sony, we finally have a name for the company’s 9.4-inch S1 tablet: the Tablet S. Remember, the S1 moniker, leaked way back in February, was only meant to be a placeholder until Sony could announce the official name closer to launch. You know, just like "NGP" held down the fort until Sony could muster the nerve to announce its next generation gaming handheld as the "PlayStation Vita." The revelation comes courtesy of Engadget’s official-looking collateral.

As you’ll recall from our early preview of the "magazine-style" Android 3.1 tablet with 1,280 x 768 TruBlack LCD panel, the Tablet S is PlayStation Certified and features a number of custom Honeycomb enhancements like "QuickView" to speed up browser load times, and "Quick Touch Panel" said to improve touch responsiveness. We’re now seeing evidence of an SD/SDHC slot and Snap & Chat feature that utilizes the Tablet S’ 3 megapixel and 5 megapixel front and rear (respectively) cameras. There’s also a branded "Content Throw" feature for sharing music, movies, and images to DLNA compatible devices, some of which can be controlled by the Tablet S’ built-in Universal IR remote. Accessories include a "USB Micro A Plug" for connecting USB devices like cameras and flash drives as well as a wireless keyboard and dock. Now we just need a price, release date, and the final name of Sony’s other unnamed tablet, the S2 clamshell.