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Samsung rumored to be after HP's PC division

Samsung's meetings with Taiwanese PC ODMs has been leading to heavy rumors of its plans to grab HP's PC group.

Samsung HP Envy
Samsung HP Envy

On the heels of the announcement that HP is considering spinning off and selling its PSG (personal systems group) or PC division, rumors are unsurprisingly swirling about who may be putting a bid in. And according to Digitimes' sources, Samsung Electronics is interested in making the snatch. However, the rumor is based on very loose information.

Word is that Samsung's been approaching Taiwanese ODMs, including Compal, Quanta, etc., which happen to be HP hardware manufacturers. Sure, that could mean that Samsung is meeting with these individuals about expansion because of an potential deal with HP or it could mean Samsung's merely just planning to expand its manufacturing capabilities beyond China and into Taiwan. Still, Digitimes was right on back in March that HP was considering this spin-off, so really there's not telling how things will end here. As always, we'll be keeping an ear to the ground on all of this. 

Source: Digitimes