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Time Warner to offer Slingbox rebates to Wideband Internet customers

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When Time Warner Cable introduced an iPad app that would allow customers to watch their cable channels on the tablet, Viacom did not take the matter lightly (in fact, it took the matter to court). Until the lawsuit is settled, you won’t see TWC streaming MTV, Comedy Central, and the like on the TWCable TV app. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your cable programming away from the living room, however. Word on the street (and in the New York Times) has it that the provider will be offering rebates for the total cost of the $300 Slingbox for customers of its $99 a month Wideband Internet.

When was the last time your cable provider did something this nice for you? Of course, this is probably meant to to encourage a settlement (Viacom settled its similar lawsuit with Cablevision earlier this month). But even if the gesture of largess was purely the byproduct of a cynical move on the company’s part, we’ll take it — as long as it means we can watch Snooki and Sammi "The Sweetheart" on our mobile devices. Because, really, that’s how we should be spending our time.

Source: New York Times