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Motorola Fire introduced for the UK with Android, QWERTY, and 'Switch' user interface

Motorola's Fire offers Android and a QWERTY keyboard for UK buyers starting next month.

Motorola Fire
Motorola Fire

The Motorola Fire is a touchscreen-equipped QWERTY phone designed for users who require a physical keyboard but also want to give Android a go — and with a 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen and 3-megapixel camera, they should be able to do it affordably. The messaging-centric device also boasts an LED status light to remind you of new notifications, a rarity on devices nowadays. Finally, it runs the Switch UI, a new skin that lets you "switch" UI modes for different uses or times of the day — a work mode and a "friend-centric" mode, for instance. The phone should be available in the UK by late September, but no pricing information has been announced.

Source: Motorola