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HTML for Babies gets a new generation up to speed on web standards

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The "HTML for Babies" book from Codebabies gets HTML code into the hands of young readers.

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html for babies
html for babies

Sure, you could get a set of ABC blocks or Lincoln Logs for the little youngster, but the Web isn't disappearing any time soon and an understanding of the underlying code is essential to any developing brain. Plus, we all know what kind of "code" WYSIWYG editors spew out. Get the tots started early with Codebabies' new "HTML for Babies Volume 01," a 5 x 7 board book with 16 pages of clean, color-coordinated, and -- most importantly -- standards compliant HTML code. Drop it in the crib, and before you know it, you'll have little Zeldmans and Cederholms running around, confident in their ability to pick a class from an id.

Source: Code Babies, via Amazon and The Next Web Tumblr