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GameStop gives $50 gift card to Deus Ex PC buyers, apologizes for removing OnLive coupons

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When it gets caught with fingers in the anti-competitive cookie jar, what’s a major video game retailer to do? Apparently, hand out gift cards to any affected customers as a form of apology. Kotaku reports (and we’ve confirmed) that GameStop is giving Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC buyers a $50 gift card and an instant “buy two, get one free” offer just for bringing in their original receipt. Yes, that means you get a $50 giftcard and get to keep your original game. It’s hard to say exactly how many free titles GameStop will be handing out, since the company recalled Deus Ex PC shortly after the fiasco began, but it’s admittedly a pretty sweet deal for early buyers, and possibly worth more to them than an OnLive copy of a game they already had.

Source: Kotaku