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Samsung Epic 4G Touch for Sprint pictured

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Samsung's best Android smartphone to date inches closer to US release.

epic 4g touch
epic 4g touch

Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone was intended to debut in the US today, but some inclement weather on the east coast pushed its big launch to tomorrow. Not to worry, the Sprint-destined Epic 4G Touch has been leaked out, giving us a peek at one of the phone’s carrier-customized varieties ahead of the official proceedings. It looks identical to the leaked promo image we came across last week, though its reported name clashes with the expected Sprint Within branding that we’ve been hearing so far. Still, the most important thing holds true — Android’s finest is coming to the USA, and soon! Join us for coverage of Samsung’s announcement tomorrow, where we should have the full disclosure on the particular specs, pricing, and release dates for each carrier’s Galaxy S II model.

Source: Pocketnow