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Samsung Droid Prime rumored to be first with Ice Cream Sandwich, coming to Verizon exclusively

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First Ice Cream Sandwich phone is the Samsung Droid Prime?

Ice Cream Sandwich Android
Ice Cream Sandwich Android

BGR is reporting a "close source" today as saying that Verizon has locked up a phone from Samsung known as the Droid Prime running the next version of Android — Ice Cream Sandwich — and that it’s set for an October launch. Officially, little is known about Ice Cream Sandwich since its name and logo were announced back at Google IO in May, and that dearth of information has left the rumor mill in overdrive: what launch devices can we expect, when can we expect them, and what carriers are going to be involved?

BGR has been one of the major sources of these rumors so far, initially reporting a Nexus 4G with a 720p display that appears to have evolved into a Nexus Prime. By all appearances, that Nexus Prime is the phone that’s now being called the Droid Prime (model SCH-i515), so it’s unclear whether Google will also launch a Nexus Prime for the rest of the world — it seems a little odd for Verizon to share a portion of its trademarked moniker with Google for non-Verizon devices, but stranger things have happened. Considering that Verizon enjoyed an exclusive on Android 2.0 "Eclair," slipping Big Red an ICS exclusive (at least initially) wouldn’t be unprecedented. As BGR notes, the Droid Prime rumor helps explain why Verizon has opted out of launching a Galaxy S II variant: the S II is designed to be a high-end device, and if the Prime really is coming in just a few weeks, there’s no reason for the carrier to make its lineup even more top-heavy than it already is. The site’s source also says that Verizon has concerns about the S II’s competitiveness against the impending iPhone 5; a phone with the Droid Prime’s rumored specs — ultra high-res display, LTE, and a brand new Android build, just to name a few — would help even things out. Hopefully, we’ll have it all sorted out within a month or so.

Source: BGR