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Wacom Inkling system converts your ink drawings to digital scribbles

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wacom inkling
wacom inkling

If you were never quite comfortable with drawing on tablets or simply prefer to draw on good, old-fashioned pulp, Wacom's new Inkling system could offer an alternative. It drops the tablet in favor of paper surfaces; the clippable, rectangular USB receiver captures and stores the sketches you make with the included pressure-sensitive ink pen. This isn't a tablet replacement; you won't be able to see real-time pen action on your computer. You can create new layers, though, by tapping the layer button on the receiver, and the included Sketch Manager software exports drawings as vector files for additional tweaking. Drawings are recorded stroke-by-stroke, so you'll be able to scrub through the history of any sketch after it's uploaded to your computer. It all comes in a handy black carrying case, and lands mid-September for $199.

Source: Wacom, via: Electronista