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Acer prepping Aspire 3951 ultrabook

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Intel promised more ultrabooks — yes, what the rest of us have called ultraportables for so long — before the end of 2011, and it looks like Acer's going to be included in that first bunch. Looking eerily similar to the MacBook Air (and the forthcoming Asus UX21), Acer's clad the 0.51-inch thick Aspire 3951 in aluminum and is using the standard chiclet keyboard and ClickPad combo under the lid. According to Vietnamese site Sohoa, the 13.3-inch system is expected to pack second generation Intel Core processors and solid state drive options, which will help it resume from sleep in just 1.7 seconds. Not a bad array of specs and if you believe the pictures it looks like a pretty sleek chassis, but the rumored $800 price tag is making us quite worried about what sacrifices we may have to live with. Something tells us we'll be hearing about this one and others in September at Intel's Developer's Forum, but in the meantime, there are a few more glossy shots after the break.

Sources: Sohoa via Electronista