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Samsung MV800 point-and-shoot debuts with a hinged touchscreen

Samsung MV800 point-and-shoot debuts with a hinged touchscreen

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This morning Samsung announced the hinged-display MV800 camera as part of its IFA lineup. An evolution of Samsung's DualView line, notable for its unique camera face-mounted LCDs camera for easily framing vanity shots of yourself (or friends), the 16.2-megapixel MV800 drops the second screen in favor of a pivoting 3-inch flip-out LCD touchscreen. Articulating screens have latched onto DSLRs and devices like the Canon G12 in recent years, but this is among the first truly pocketable point-and-shoots we've seen with a movable LCD.

The hinged back of the camera features two physical buttons: a home button for moving through the menus, and a play button for a quick display of your photos. The bright LCD screen was impressively responsive to our menu swiping and tapping, and the screen's hinge action felt smooth and sturdy. Samsung designed an app-like experience for dealing with edits and filters like blur, cropping, red eye fix, and vignetting, and while it strays from the traditional menu systems, we had no problem figuring it out in a few seconds. While we weren't able to get any word on the OS, the layout, font choices, icon design, and even background image are reminiscent of Android. Regardless, it's refreshing to see some new user interface ideas for on-camera edits, a space that traditionally found us heading to our desktops to edit in a separate app.

On the hardware front, you'll find a 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor and 26mm lens with a 5x optical zoom. The entire body felt surprisingly slim in our hands, and the hinged display with three shutter buttons made snapshots up high and down low easier to frame and take. There's one software-based shutter, a traditional right-index finger shutter on the top of the camera, and a large shutter button on the backside of the "lens" side of camera (with the lens facing you, your hand will wrap around and your fingers should brush up against it). No word yet on price or launch date.

Samsung MV800 hands-on photos