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GameStop-branded Android tablet in testing

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GameStop is launching its own branded Android tablet next year with a dedicated controller in tow

GameStop Store front (Creative Commons)
GameStop Store front (Creative Commons)

GameStop president Tony Bartel has been thinking about tablets a lot lately. Back in April, he told Gamasutra that the company is currently testing out a trade-in program for used slates (in select stores only), and as of today that's available nationwide for iOS device — iPhones, iPads, and any generation of iPod nano, shuffle, mini, or touch. More importantly, however, Bartel also said the company was seriously considering making its own branded tablet — "if we can't find [a tablet] that's great for gaming," he said, "then we will create our own."

It sounds like he found that perfect tablet in the OEM market. Speaking to this week, Bartel announced a model had been chosen for the GameStop-branded device, one that will run Android (no surprise there). For two weeks so far, it's been in testing as a "GameStop certified platform" (quite the popular phrase, it seems).

In addition to a "modest selection" of mobile titles, the tablet will also reportedly allow you to stream console games, care of Spawn Labs' technology. A dedicated controller will ship as well — "it's hard to imagine how to stream a game — let's say Modern Warfare 3 — onto a tablet and then play it with your finger," as Bartel pointed out.

Sound crazy? Let's not forget that GameStop's former corporate parent, Barnes & Noble, has had success with its self-branded Nook tablets and ereaders. GameStop's gaming tablet is due out sometime next year; no mention of price (and virtually no chance of seeing OnLive bundled in), but we'll let you know when we hear anything.