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Top twenty Android applications, according to Nielsen

Nielsen has released data on Android application usage covering thousands of users. The top apps include the Android Market, Gmail, Facebook, and Angry Birds.

Android logo
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Nielsen has released the results of a recent polling of "thousands" of Android phones which monitored application usage. The top result was unsurprisingly the Android Market app itself, followed by Facebook, Google Maps and Gmail. Other incredibly popular apps include Angry Birds and Pandora. Nielsen noted some gender differences in app usage however, such as the fact that women in the study were more likely to use Facebook and Twitter, while more than twice the amount of men were actively using Google+ than women. This figure sounds about inline with previous skewing across gender lines we'd heard about Google's new service, and seems likely to change at least somewhat as it reaches a broader audience. Other apps that made it into the top 20 include Google Maps, Words with Friends, and Amazon's Kindle app.

Source: Nielsen