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MOG catches up to Spotify with FreePlay music option and new HTML 5 player

MOG freeplay
MOG freeplay

On Thursday, subscription music service MOG will launch a new gamified, ad-supported option according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. While Spotify launched exactly two months ago in the U.S. with an ad-supported free version, MOG, according to Technologizer, is going the gamification route with its implementation of a "gas tank" that tracks your remaining free plays.

There's no auto-refill at the beginning of each week or month; you'll need to bump up your playcount by sharing playlists with friends, clicking ads, referring friends, and generally contributing to the social use of the service. A redesigned HTML5 app is apparently launching as well. It's a unique approach to providing free music, and it should prove interesting to see if MOG, formerly offering only paid options, will be able to convert these "music gamers" into paying subscribers.

We've reached out to MOG for additional information.

Source: TecnologizerLos Angeles Times and Variety