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LG E2391VR, world's slimmest monitor, in pictures and video

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IFA 2011 has already played host to some exceedingly slim devices, including the Galaxy Note from Samsung and Titan from HTC, but today we came across a slightly less glamorous example of extreme slenderness: LG's E2391VR desktop monitor. It has all the requisite specs, including 1920 x 1080 resolution, 2ms response time, 250-nit brightness, and a HDMI input, and manages to fit them within a package LG lists as being only 7.2mm thick. We didn't have our calipers on hand to test that claim, but it looks to have been a measurement gathered from the monitor's thinnest point, and there is of course a pretty chunky stand and base to go with the thin display. The chrome-rich exterior and extra-glossy screen may also put some folks off, but it's difficult not to be impressed by this (literal) slice of new technology. See it on video after the break or check out the press release for the full details.