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Invoxia NVX 610 desktop phone puts an iPhone in the driver seat

Invoxia NVX 610 desktop phone puts an iPhone in the driver seat

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Having a phone you can't take with you might be out of fashion, but desktop phones and landlines still beat out cellphones for audio quality every time. Invoxia's new NVX 610 isn't even cordless, but it appears to be everything your ears could want in a phone. The handset itself is hefty and equipped with a large, padded speaker. For conference calls and speaker phone work the phone offers eight speakers and eight microphones, and it can cancel out echos, reduce background noise, and even "virtually place" remote call participants in a room (if they're using a 610 as well) so that they can be further differentiated. As for UI, the NVX 610 has none; it relies on a docked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to do the heavy lifting, which includes transferring calls around an office, making SIP calls, and even a Skype-integrated contact list. Of course the whole assembly can also double as the world's most overpriced iPhone headset, should you get a regular cell call while you're trying to build your business empire. Oh, and you'd better be doing well for yourself: the phone costs $599. It's available now. Hands-on shots are after the break.

Source: Invoxia