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Instagram 2.0 adds live filters, high-res uploads, speed increases

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Instagram 2.0
Instagram 2.0

Instagram, the photo-sharing app that has taken iOS by storm, is graduating to version 2.0 today — exactly one year after the app was first unveiled. The update adds a plethora of new features that improve on the service's claim to fame: its filters. Instagram says the app is 200x faster at rendering the visual effects than previous versions, and live previews have been added to show off the newfound zippiness. A redesigned photo capture screen adds live tilt-shift controls as well, in addition to a toggle for photo borders no matter what filter you choose. The company has also added four brand new filters to accompany the ever-growing library of options. Resolution for Instagrammed photos has increased up to a maximum 1936 x 1936 when saved locally to your device, but they still upload as a 612-pixel square. Oh, and you can rotate images too! The upgrade is now available in the iTunes store, so grab the free download at the link below.

Source: iTunesInstagram Blog via TechCrunch