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    HP considering firing CEO Leo Apotheker, says Bloomberg

    HP considering firing CEO Leo Apotheker, says Bloomberg


    HP could fire CEO Leo Apotheker and hire ex-eBay CEO Meg Whitman in his place.

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    Things haven't been going well for HP since CEO Leo Apotheker announced that he would either spin off or sell the company's PC division and shut down webOS hardware development as he refocused on enterprise software, and now Bloomberg and All Things D are both reporting that the company's board is meeting to discuss removing Apotheker from the helm entirely. His potential replacement? Ex-eBay CEO Meg Whitman, who currently sits on HP's board. The move is said to be far from final, with Whitman's appointment only on an interim basis, but it would the second CEO change for HP in just under a year -- Apotheker himself was only hired after former CEO Mark Hurd was caught up in an odd expense-reporting ethics scandal with a female HP PR contractor. Unfortunately for HP's investors, employees, and customers, it sounds like the leadership turmoil is going to continue a while longer -- we'll keep you updated.

    Source: Bloomberg, All Things D