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Facebook's music service to have 'listen with friends' feature, integrated into Ticker

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Twitter iPhone
Twitter iPhone

It seems Facebook's long-rumored music offering is a lock for tomorrow's f8 developer conference — or at least, that's the impression we're getting from an over-anxious employee who slipped a few details a little early. The company's creative director Ji Lee mentioned a "listen with your friend" feature that was "blowing [his] mind" on Twitter earlier this evening. The tweet, which has since been deleted, also mentions integration with Facebook's Ticker — the new live feed that remains docked to the top right of your News Feed. The service is also rumored to have a "scrobbling" feature that will send real-time track information to Facebook, and is also said to work with multiple streaming services. We'll be there live tomorrow to bring you all the news live tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Source: Twitter (@mitchellholder), via TechCrunch